What Happens If My Appliance Is Beyond Repair?

There is nothing worse than calling out an engineer for a washing machine repair only to be told your machine is completely dead, and then given a bill for their labour and some bad news....and still left with the expense of buying a new machine.

Most repairs are well worth doing and will cost much less than a new machine. However, occasionally appliances are beyond repair, too old or just not economically worth repairing, if that is the case we can supply and install a new one for you.

New and Reconditioned Appliances

We keep a variety of new and refurbished washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers in stock at all times, including integrated appliances.

Our new machines come with a full manufacturers warranty and our reconditioned machines are guaranteed with all wear and tear parts replaced such as motor brushes, door seal, drain pump, heating element...they are also cleaned and fully tested before they go out.

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Replacement Needed - No Problem

We'll let you know if your appliance has seen better days or beyond repair and can offer you a new replacement washing machine, dishwasher or dryer...and if you decide to except our offer we'll automatically write off any costs incurred during our original visit...we'll even install it and remove your old machine!